Girls on wheels

Girls ride bikes too, right?

When I lived in Brisbane selling motorcycles I was always surprised when a girl came into the dealership and bought a bike. All the guys would get excited. Not in a weird creepy way but in a ‘that chick is so cool’ way. I think it shows an adventurous side. Whatever it is, it always generated interest!

I want to find out why so many girls love jumping on the back of a motorcycle but don’t want to ride one. I recently conducted a survey and found that 37.5% of woman in New Zealand want to get their motorcycle licence but haven’t. I want to find out what is stopping them.

Join me as I go on a search to uncover the reason(s) that hold a girl back from actually getting a motorcycle licence.

To do this, I need your input. I want to know your thoughts, fears, concerns and your why and why not’s. Let’s dig into this together. If you have a friend who you think would have some valuable input into this discussion hit the share button or one of the social media links.

But before you comment, I want to draw your attention to these two extremely talented young woman.

Female Talent

This is Ana Carrasco. 21 years young. She made history after winning the 2018 World Supersport Championship making her the first female rider to ever take out a World Championship in solo motorcycle road racing.


This is Avalon Biddle. 26 years young. She races in the Supersport 600 NZTT. I had the pleasure of watching her win a race by 0.006 seconds at Hampton Downs Raceway. An amazingly talented kiwi doing us all proud.


Share and comment

My point is, girls can ride and they can ride well. In these two cases far better than I can. So what do you say New Zealand, let’s hear what you have to say about girls on wheels.

4 thoughts on “Girls ride bikes too, right?”

  1. I used to own a Vespa Scooter in London. It was so cool, and I looked the mutts nutts. Only problem was on my first day of ownership I tried to put it up on it’s stand and because it was so heavy I kind of toppled over and it got it’s first dent. I was gutted as it was all shiney and bright before. Still loved the freedom that it gave me and I used to get right in there and ride it around Piccadilly Circus with all the red buses. Not sure If I’d have the courage now but love the idea of women empowering themselves to get into what’s predominantly a male sport/hobby/mode of transport. I hope you achieve your objective of more Girls/Women on Wheels 🙂

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    1. How cool are Vespas! They have so much character. If you had the courage back then, I am sure it hasn’t left you Olive. If you had professional trainers in a safe environment run you over the basics would you be more inclined to get back on the saddle? Curious to know.


  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog.. The question is thought invoking rather provoking. I myself love sports and adventure but motor bikes have created a fear due to a close friend passing away as result of bike accident and my husband had a nasty accident. But in saying that I would like to ride a bike but i have few issues one I am height challenged and cannot rest my feet on the ground when on the bike and most bikes are too heavy for my petite frame. Another reason is that bikes require license.Auckland traffic is too fast for my liking.
    I loved riding a small red scooter back in India in busy traffic and got me places really fast.Although wouldn’t mind if I can try riding a bike to suit my height and weight but in a controlled environment.


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