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Events and happenings: Auckland Motorcycle Group Ride Event MARCH 2019

Photo by Yasser Abu-Ghdaib on Unsplash

A good thing is best enjoyed when shared! Riding is a good thing.

For Learner rider, here is is motorcycle riding group that you may like to consider and their upcoming event that you may be keen to hook up with:

Auckland Motorcycle Rides SUB190

Good for new riders and learners. Hosted by David Moors, this group welcomes new to experienced riders from all walks of life and diversity, regardless of ethnicity, faith, gender, sexual preferences, political views, age and so forth.

The group place emphasis on road safety and comfort. For learners riders, it is preferred that you have completed RideForever Bronze course and/or can safely travel at the posted speed limits where conditions permitted in a group. They offer also buddy system for learners

Upcoming event: Raglan Wharf for Fish’n’Chups and return (24 March, 2019)


Arrive at McDonald’s Greenlane between 8:30 and 8:50am at the latest for briefing. 9am prompt rollout.

For this to be enjoyable the roads need to be dry. This ride date maybe changed.

Secondary Pick Up – BP Drury Truck stop at 9:25am.

0. ARRIVE between 8:30 and 8:50 am
2. PICK UP: 9:25 – 9:30 We will drive thru BP Drury (Truck Stop) let me know is you will be there
3. TOILET Stop Clayton Place Tuakau (OPTIONAL)
4. REST STOP 10 MIN: 10:20, Corner of HWY 22 (Waingaro Road) and Ohautira Rd.
5. LUNCH RAGLAN: 30 – 45 minutes. Raglan Fish & Chips, The Wharf
6. PETROL STOP AT BP, 2 Main S Rd, Raglan[masked]. REGROUP: Corner of HWY 22 (Waingaro Road) and Ohautira Rd.
9. REGROUP: TOILET Stop Clayton Place Tuakau
10. FINAL Stop, drink and Home : BP Bombay

Distance: 328 km

Lunch, coffee money and a smile.

The pace will be at the speed limit (a little over where it makes sense), else appropriate for road and traffic conditions.
The pace can be described as ‘dynamic’.
Depending on the turn out, we might split into two groups. Those who want a pacy sport ride and those wanting a more relaxed arrival.

All welcome with a positive attitude. For this ride you must be comfortable riding at open road speeds in rural areas where conditions can be mixed. RATING: INTERMEDIATE+

To join in this riding group or participate in this activity, contact David Moors.

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Wanting to learn from about getting your motorcycle licence? Contact me for more information. Or, drop me a comment below. Happy Ride!

Riding Locations

Top Motorcycle Riding Locations from Auckland

Source: Own Camera

Let the journey begin

Having a motorcycle is one thing. Knowing where to ride it is another. People travel from all over the world to experience New Zealand. New Zealand has some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. A lot of people choose to check out the scenery by car. I say their mad! Nothing comes close to that feeling you get when you are cutting through mountainsides, hills, valleys, twists and turns. It would make sense to know where some of these locations are. So if you own a motorcycle, live in New Zealand or are just visiting then this is for you.

Auckland to Clevedon

Who would have thought that Auckland would be an ideal place to start a scenic ride. However, many riders love riding around rural Auckland. This is a relatively easy ride showcasing the Waikato River. The ride begins heading south on State Highway 1 turning off at Karaka. From there you cross the bridge into Waiuku which leads you on to State Highway 2. Here you will find open roads and twisties as you cut through the Hunua Ranges eventually looping back into Clevedon where you will find one of the best fish and chip shops in the county. This ride will take less than two hours and is a must.


Auckland to Napier – The Pacific Coast Highway

If you want to make a day of it then this is a must. The Pacific Coast Highway passes by some of the best that New Zealand has to offer. The Pacific Coast Highway starts in Auckland and ends in Napier which is located in Hawkes Bay. Make sure you pack a towel as this journey will see you pass the Coromandel Peninsula, the Bay of Plenty and the East Coast of Gisborne showcasing absolutely stunning beaches.

Auckland to Coromandel

This is a trip that so many riders love. It is a fun ride with plenty of open road and tight twisty corners. In fact a lot of riders that this ride seriously as it can require a lot of attention. In some parts it is actually quite dangerous so you have to know your bike pretty well. If you do make the trip be sure to check out the hot water beach where you can dig yourself a hole in the sand and sit back in a naturally heated pool.


City Commuter

4 Reasons why Scooters Make Life Easier


Say goodbye to peak-hour

Remember when peak-hour use to be an hour? I don’t know about you but living in Auckland seems to be less of peak-hour and more of peak-day. I mean, seriously how bad is the traffic these days. I am sure we have all experienced the grind, sitting in our cars, head back on the headrest, crawling along at 6km/h. Then suddenly this scooter rider sails past as if you didn’t exist, wind in their hair. The only thing that makes you feel a little better is if it is raining. But even that is short lived as you quickly see them disappearing into the distance and the reality of your traffic situation comes crashing back.

I’ve never really cared much for scooters. I guess I never really understood why you wouldn’t just buy a motorbike. But lately, I have had a change of heart. I know understand the idea. I see their purpose. They have benefits that car drivers could only dream of. Here is a list of what those benefits are.

Scooters make life so much easier in the city.They are cheap on fuel, get free parking in a lot of places, easily cut through traffic and if they are under 50cc you don’t even need a motorcycle licence!

FREE Parking Spots!

Here is a list of all of the free parking spots available in Auckland City. There is no time limit and you can park here 24/7.


Cheap on fuel

Scooter are economical. Everyone knows the sound of a scooter. That tiny little engine runs on the smell of an oily rag. Did you know that most scooters will travel 100km on anywhere between 1.5 – 2.7L of fuel. Some people go months in between filling their tank.

No Bike Licence Required Under 50cc

If you hold a New Zealand Driver Licence you are able to ride a moped, or a scooter under 50cc. It is not until you exceed this engine size that you are required to obtain a Motorcycle Licence.

Girls on wheels

Girls ride bikes too, right?

When I lived in Brisbane selling motorcycles I was always surprised when a girl came into the dealership and bought a bike. All the guys would get excited. Not in a weird creepy way but in a ‘that chick is so cool’ way. I think it shows an adventurous side. Whatever it is, it always generated interest!

I want to find out why so many girls love jumping on the back of a motorcycle but don’t want to ride one. I recently conducted a survey and found that 37.5% of woman in New Zealand want to get their motorcycle licence but haven’t. I want to find out what is stopping them.

Join me as I go on a search to uncover the reason(s) that hold a girl back from actually getting a motorcycle licence.

To do this, I need your input. I want to know your thoughts, fears, concerns and your why and why not’s. Let’s dig into this together. If you have a friend who you think would have some valuable input into this discussion hit the share button or one of the social media links.

But before you comment, I want to draw your attention to these two extremely talented young woman.

Female Talent

This is Ana Carrasco. 21 years young. She made history after winning the 2018 World Supersport Championship making her the first female rider to ever take out a World Championship in solo motorcycle road racing.


This is Avalon Biddle. 26 years young. She races in the Supersport 600 NZTT. I had the pleasure of watching her win a race by 0.006 seconds at Hampton Downs Raceway. An amazingly talented kiwi doing us all proud.


Share and comment

My point is, girls can ride and they can ride well. In these two cases far better than I can. So what do you say New Zealand, let’s hear what you have to say about girls on wheels.