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Events and happenings: Auckland Motorcycle Group Ride Event MARCH 2019

Photo by Yasser Abu-Ghdaib on Unsplash

A good thing is best enjoyed when shared! Riding is a good thing.

For Learner rider, here is is motorcycle riding group that you may like to consider and their upcoming event that you may be keen to hook up with:

Auckland Motorcycle Rides SUB190

Good for new riders and learners. Hosted by David Moors, this group welcomes new to experienced riders from all walks of life and diversity, regardless of ethnicity, faith, gender, sexual preferences, political views, age and so forth.

The group place emphasis on road safety and comfort. For learners riders, it is preferred that you have completed RideForever Bronze course and/or can safely travel at the posted speed limits where conditions permitted in a group. They offer also buddy system for learners

Upcoming event: Raglan Wharf for Fish’n’Chups and return (24 March, 2019)


Arrive at McDonald’s Greenlane between 8:30 and 8:50am at the latest for briefing. 9am prompt rollout.

For this to be enjoyable the roads need to be dry. This ride date maybe changed.

Secondary Pick Up – BP Drury Truck stop at 9:25am.

0. ARRIVE between 8:30 and 8:50 am
2. PICK UP: 9:25 – 9:30 We will drive thru BP Drury (Truck Stop) let me know is you will be there
3. TOILET Stop Clayton Place Tuakau (OPTIONAL)
4. REST STOP 10 MIN: 10:20, Corner of HWY 22 (Waingaro Road) and Ohautira Rd.
5. LUNCH RAGLAN: 30 – 45 minutes. Raglan Fish & Chips, The Wharf
6. PETROL STOP AT BP, 2 Main S Rd, Raglan[masked]. REGROUP: Corner of HWY 22 (Waingaro Road) and Ohautira Rd.
9. REGROUP: TOILET Stop Clayton Place Tuakau
10. FINAL Stop, drink and Home : BP Bombay

Distance: 328 km

Lunch, coffee money and a smile.

The pace will be at the speed limit (a little over where it makes sense), else appropriate for road and traffic conditions.
The pace can be described as ‘dynamic’.
Depending on the turn out, we might split into two groups. Those who want a pacy sport ride and those wanting a more relaxed arrival.

All welcome with a positive attitude. For this ride you must be comfortable riding at open road speeds in rural areas where conditions can be mixed. RATING: INTERMEDIATE+

To join in this riding group or participate in this activity, contact David Moors.

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